About the ancient anglers

After finding Hybodus spine on the Isle of White

The Anglers, after finding Hybodus spine on the Isle of Wight , Left: Chris Right: Luke

Hello we are the ancient anglers, two grown men who are blogging about fossil fish and extant fish.

So who are we?

Well first up is Luke a PhD student at the Universirty of Portsmouth studying a Silurian bone bed from the U.K. and brings up the Palaeozoic part of the anglers (although he has been known to dabble in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic).

Next Is Chris a PhD student also from the University of Portsmouth studying Osteichthyes from the Jurassic of the U.K. and is the Mesozoic guy (although he will look into the Cenozoic or Palaeozoic as well)

The blog is hopefully going to inform and entertain people of all knowledge backgrounds in the science of fossil fish and fish as we have found they are very much under represented.

Thank you
and happy reading

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