Were going to need a bigger boat…..and more time.

Greetings to you all

So you may be thinking that myself and Chris have died or forgotten about this little spot in the giant ocean that is the internet.

Well I can tell you that we are far from either of those in fact it’s far less rock and roll. During the time I was starting my blog I was courting the women who is I am pleased to say is now my fiancé. As you can imagine this has taken up a chunk of my time but also the PhD itself, which I am near to finishing (finally!) not to mention the paid work I have to do so I can live.

Chris has also had long list of things to sort out his end as well, the point is we have not much time to blog on the wonders of fossil fish.

This however is going to change soon..ish, ok roughly by next year I should be all done and I will have more time to blog, as I have really missed it.

Also I have another blog in the works so watch this space for those of you with a cryptozoology bend….

So until the next post, All the best.

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